Hourly Consulting: Wedding sites, vendors & more!
Consultations with Angela or Wendee are planning sessions.  This is perfect for those who need task-oriented help.  For example:  a consultation to get you started in finding the perfect location and vendors - what a time saver!  In the same session, we can give you insider information and tips to make your planning easy and efficient.  You'll also receive a 40+page planning guide with checklists and templates.  Each meeting is tailored to your needs and preferences as she spends 1/2 hour on the phone with you before the meeting getting to know you and your wedding vision. Post meeting, you receive follow-up notes and action-items. What a relief and time saver!  Starting at $350 per session.  Meetings are within a 15-mile range of Arvada or Golden (for Wendee) and Littlton and Highlands Ranch (for Angela).
Here are some other ways in which planning sessions have been used:
• Create your detailed day-of agenda
• Create a floor plan (CAD) to scale
• Learn about event venues suitable for your needs, vision & budget
• Create a ceremony processional and recessional chart
• Create a customized ceremony script and vows
• Go over all your planning details - and troubleshoot!
• Create a realistic budget with cost saving ideas and resources
The DIY Consultation
This option was created with the DIY bride in mind.  You've got the ideas, photos, style, and vision determined.  You even have them saved in your Pintrest account.  However, how do you make it all happen?  Where do you find the resources?  How can you make it affordable?  How do you set it up so that your mom and your bridesmaids don't have to work on your wedding day?  Navigating all the details and logistics with your DIY wedding can be overwhelming.  Meet with Angela or Wendee to get industry know-how and logisitcial resources, and create a plan so that your DIY wedding can happen without 1) breaking the bank, and 2) stressing you out, and 3) stressing everyone else around you out.  $300 session includes:
• Pre-meeting:  share your Pintrest or inspirational photos with Angela or Wendee; 20-minute phone call discussing needs, vision, challenges, and priorities
• In-person meeting: consultation to determine things like resources, how-to's when using iPod music, a plan for doing your own decor/linens, what to consider when a friend does photography or cake, create an action-plan & how to incorporate help, create a day-of schedule, identify when/if it may be worth it to hire help; receive a 40+page planning guide
• Post-meeting:  you receive a report to include 1) your day-of agenda, 2) DIY task-list action plan, 3) setup & clean-up plan, 4) checklist for your DIY emcee (iPod), photographer, cake, and/or decor helpers, 5) vendor recommendations, and 6) create-your-own ceremony script guide (30+page PDF)
• Note: you should have your date & venue booked prior to making this appointment.