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Colorado Wedding Ceremonies

It is never too early to start designing your wedding ceremony.  When we work with clients the design starts at the first consultation.  First, identify what seating you would like:  traditional aisle, herring bone (set at angles), semi-circle, in the round, or even standing!  Secondly, decide what setup items you will need: a ceremony table, program & guest book table (or, will you set those at the chairs), microphones/speaker, aisle runner, canopy and chairs for musicians.  Then, pick the design options: aisle decor, pew/chair decor, throw items and where they will be placed, arch, candles, huppah, floral pieces, and lighting. 
After designing your floor plan, write down to what song your attendants will be walking.  Sample wedding songs by listening to soundclips from iTunes.  It is recommended to alternate tunes for each group in your processional.  For example, if the bride and her escort are walking out to a slow, contemplative song, then the bridesmaids would walk out to a more lively and upbeat song.  Finally, your recessional song should be the most upbeat and lively song.