Frequently Asked Questions

How many weddings have you coordinated?

Hundreds!  Wendee started her career at Keystone Resort in 1995 where they conducted over #125 weddings a year at four main facilities.  As a meeting planner, she conducted over 25 meetings a year all over the country, simultaneously as a wedding planner she coordinated anywhere from 12-15 weddings a year.  Now, she focuses on coordinating fewer weddings (only seven clients at any given time) while offering a higher-quality experience.

How many weddings do you plan a year?

In order of offer the highest quality planning experience, Wendee focuses on providing day-of coordination and planning consultations/monthly packages - both at an incredible value.  This is so that the clients receive her full attention.  She works with a maximum of seven clients at any given time.  This may seem like low numbers, but her philosophy is to do less, but better.  She mainly coordinates weddings in the summer months to coincide with teaching (her career change after planning meeting & weddings for 10 years), though she does perform planning consultation services year-round.  If you are in need of full-scale planning services, please contact Wendee so that she can recommend to you a highly qualified, experienced professional. 

How are you different from other coordinators?

Many times, wedding coordinators enter this business with no "real world" industry experience. Wedding & meeting planning has been Wendee’s career even before starting her own business.  She worked in the weddings department at Keystone Resort coordinating over #125 weddings a year.  She has been a Catering Sales Manager and a Meeting Planner for continuing medical education programs all over the world – from small & intimate to and large & detailed.  Simply put, you won’t find another coordinator as detailed, professional and experienced as Wendee. 

Do you accept kickbacks from vendors or locations?

We do not accept kickbacks or commissions from vendors, nor do we share your contact information for promotional purposes!  In fact, if we are offered a kickback from a vendor, we ask that the vendor pass a discount to the couple.  So, please do mention that you received the referral from Wendee Walter at Weddings of Colorado

I want my wedding to reflect my taste. Won’t I have to agree to what you recommend?

Absolutely not.  A wedding consultant is your resource.  Wendee scouts the best services, sites and vendors to narrow down your options based on your tastes, style, budget and needs – your requirements (not hers).  You make the final selections and decisions.

How do you charge?

Wendee works on a flat-fee basis charging the client directly, instead of a percentage which encourages the ratcheting-up of prices.  This means she accepts no kickbacks or referral fees.  Wendee also does not pay to be on "Preferred Vendor Lists", meaning.  if you get a referral for her services, it is because it is earned.  For day-of coordinating, you start with the basic package ($800 or $1,000) and can add-on options as needed.  If you find you need specific task-oriented help with certain items, you can add-on custom planning consultations - hourly or meeting on a regular monthly/bi-monthly basis. 

Can you help us save money?

Because you have chosen to work with a professional coordinator, many vendors will offer the bride & groom a discount because they know your planning & wedding will run smoothly.  Wendee does have a network of vendors that she has worked with and many of them will offer an incentive directly to the client.  She also spends time consulting with you - even with day-of coordination services - troubleshooting and offering cost-saving advice.  Additionally, your time is valuable.  Wendee reduces the hundreds of hours you spend researching and creating documents on your own.  On top of the initial savings, Wendee’s weddings run extremely smooth and on time.  Thus, it saves you hundreds in overtime expenses.