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Getting Started:  Destination + Ceremony Site Report

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We are excited to help you find the ceremony site and locale that will fit best with your needs, vision, and budget!  It is my understanding that you plan to eventually retain me as a professional wedding consultant and planner for your intimate (less than 35 guests) wedding.  Because often the hardest part of planning a wedding is choosing the date, destination, and ceremony site, we offer this service to assist couples in getting started.  We make recommendations, give advice, and send you possible ceremony site (note:  these often off-the-beaten-path and on natural lands - *NOT* your typical advertised wedding venue). 
  • Fill out and return a questionnaire we provide to you
  • In 24-48 Wendee will send you a site report with at least three to five possible Colorado ceremony sites and formats that fit your needs, budget and style
  • Optional: up to a 30-minute follow-up phone consultation.  Examples: 
    • Explain the different between possible locales & destinations
    • Explain the different times of year and what to expect regarding weather, traffic, pricing on lodging, etc
Fees & Payment Schedule: 
I understand that my role will be that of an advisor.  You will make the actual selections.  For my advice, referrals, recommendations and access to information, it is a payment total of $250 (non-refundable).  This payment can be applied toward an “Intimate Wedding Package”.  In other words, it is the first payment towards a package, should you choose that option.
Kindly, Wendee Vezzetti
(303) 946-4442