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Wedding Cake, Food & Beverage

Your food and beverage is an opportunity to incorporate creativity and design.  Starting with the centerpiece for any reception, design the cake table.  If your cake is white, contrast the linen with a color and be sure to add a cake stand.  If you want to skip on the cake, then purchase a desert or cupcake stands to display treats such as truffles, lemon bars, and pecan tarts.  Many cupcake stands will have a top layer in which you place a 6" cake topper, giving you the opportunity to still perform a cake cutting.
For the menu, consider serving a mixed grill plate.  This will save you from many planning hours havging to track guests' food orders, creating coded place cards, and communicating these food orders with the caterer - all of which usually takes place within the last weeks before your wedding (perhaps the most busiest time).  Generally, guests are very appreciative of receiving any meal at a wedding, so don't worry trying to please each person's individual tastes.  You can still be creative with food: serve a specialty drink with coordinating colors, offer a candy bar, create stations around the room with spin-off comport food such as mashed potatoes & macaroni and cheese, pair wines (or martinis) with an olive tapenade station, or pair Colorado micro brews with a wide selection of gourmet pizza or chili.
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