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Transportation & Departures

When planning your wedding agenda, which should start right after booking your location, think about the ending of your wedding day.  How are you going to want to depart?  Some couples prefer to party all night long, but that may be anti-climatic when you are the only two out of six people left.  Therefore, many couples who we consult with plan a departure at about 15 to 20 minutes prior to then end of the music.
For coordinating the rest of your wedding day transportation, don't skimp!  It is extremely convenient to book transportation for at minimum your wedding party (family/attendants).  We always suggest booking a limo-bus which can seat anywhere from 16 to 30 people depending on the size you book.  A limo-bus is like a people mover that you see at an airport, only nicer.  Because you can step-in, step-out and stand-up, it means transporting brides wrinkle-free and it is much more friendly for older guests who may have some mobility issues.
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