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Vendors: Behind the Scenes

Weddings by nature are the most labor-intensive event.  This is one area in which you don't want to skimp - hire vendors who will implement professionally all your planning details.  Perhaps the most important vendor to ensure you have a stress-free wedding is the day-of coordinator.  They will confirm all vendor arrangements for you, direct the rehearsal, point you, your families and attendants to the right place at the right time, troubleshoot, synchronize, set-out and pack-up.  This enables you to focus on a marriage and spending time with your guests rather than working.  
Other than coordinators, make sure you hire a full-service caterer and photographer that have experience coordinating weddings.  When booking a florist, make sure that they include transporting and setup/tear down in their quote.  
© Photo at right by Jacaob Arther from a wedding Custom Weddings of Colorado coordinated at the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield.